Batches of bath bombs

Why do we love these little guys so dearly?  They are a sensory extravaganza... looking cute smelling so good and even sounding fun (fizzzzzzz) maybe don’t taste them... though we have been reading about new edible bath bombs must try that at our upcoming lavender planting party! 🌿⚪️🌿⚪️🌿


we topped our bombs with fresh lavender flowers! Now home grown on the little flower lavender farm.  Here's Tammy holding one of the precious fizz balls after attending a traditional Indian wedding over the weekend where they henna tattooed her palms.. so pretty! 


Below you can see our first thriving row of lavender, I kept meaning to harvest it but every time I would head out with my clippers there would be 20-30 bees happily buzzing on each plant and I just couldn't bring myself to take away the food they were storing up to survive winter.  Bees have it rough these days so... oops and then it frosted.  But it was so pretty!!